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How intake of jaggery would help in managing the menstrual cycle symptoms in women?

Posted on: 01/Apr/2024 8:49:02 AM

Getting periods or menstrual cycles every month is inevitable for women in their reproductive age that is between 13 to mid 40s. Truth is that women would feel severe abdominal cramps, headaches, bloating, mood swings, loss of appetite, digestive issues etc during their periods. This would make her feel highly uncomfortable. These issues could be managed or avoided also by making some simple changes in diet and lifestyle etc. 

There is one hack available and with this woman could be able to manage her period related issues well. That is by consuming jaggery or vellam in Tamil. It must be noted that jaggery is not the average sweet treat but it is a super food for menstrual issues.

Various ways by which intake of jaggery would help a woman manage her menstrual based  issues well are

By providing energy:

It is normal that a woman would feel very tired during her periods. Intake of iron would be helpful to her. That is she could consume jaggery containing iron. This would provide her superb energy. When a woman gets heavy periods then there are possibilities of iron loss or anaemia. By eating jaggery, she would be able to maintain healthy energy levels.

By lowering cramps:

During monthly menstrual cycles or periods, women could get abdominal cramps or pain. By eating jaggery, a woman would be able to manage this issue well. It is believed that minerals like magnesium and potassium present in jaggery would relax the muscles.

By lifting the mood:

A woman in her period might get period blues or fall sick or feel low feeling etc. In such a scenario, she must eat jaggery as it would promote happy hormones and that would increase her mood.

By improving digestion:

It is usual for a woman to experience bloating and constipation during her periods. Consuming jaggery would help her to overcome these issues.

By managing sugar cravings:

Intake of jaggery during periods would help a woman to overcome her excessive sugar cravings. It has been recommended by the doctors that the best time to eat jaggery would be 4 or 5 days before periods start till day 4.

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