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Cycling Injury Prevention & Pain Management Tips: Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel Shares Expert Insights [Video]

Posted on: 17/Mar/2024 5:25:38 PM

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Episode Highlights:

0:00 - Introduction
Join us in this insightful episode where we delve into injury prevention and pain management with Dr. Dhanajeyan Jayavel, renowned physiotherapist from Spectrum Physio.

0:04:30 - Spectrum Physio`s Connection with Cycling
Discover the longstanding relationship between Spectrum Physio and Spectrum Racing, a prominent cycling team, as Dr. Dhanajeyan shares his experiences and insights.

0:06:30 - Identifying Injuries
Learn from Dr. Dhanajeyan about distinguishing between normal pain and potential injuries, crucial for athletes to maintain peak performance and avoid setbacks.

0:09:10 - Assessing Injury Severity
Gain valuable knowledge on how athletes can gauge the severity of injuries and when to seek professional medical assistance.

0:18:00 - Injury Rehabilitation
Explore effective rehabilitation techniques recommended by Dr. Dhanajeyan to aid athletes in recovering from injuries and returning to their sport stronger.

0:23:20 - Triage Management and Injury Care
Understand the importance of prompt triage management and proper injury care protocols to minimize downtime and maximize recovery.

0:26:30 - Screening and Health Checkups
Dr. Dhanajeyan emphasizes the significance of regular screening and health checkups in preventing injuries and maintaining overall well-being.

0:30:30 - Common Cycling Injuries
Discover common cycling-related injuries and how Dr. Dhanajeyan addresses them with tailored treatment plans.

0:43:30 - Importance of Bike Fit
Learn about the crucial role of bike fit in preventing injuries and optimizing performance, as highlighted by Dr. Dhanajeyan.

0:46:30 - Comprehensive Injury Prevention Strategies
Explore holistic injury prevention strategies and effective injury management techniques recommended by Dr. Dhanajeyan.

0:50:00 - Closing
As we conclude this informative episode, take away key insights and actionable tips from Dr. Dhanajeyan to enhance your cycling experience and stay injury-free.

Don`t miss out on this enriching conversation packed with valuable advice for cyclists of all levels!

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