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Low testosterone in men can be due to these important reasons!!

Posted on: 28/Feb/2024 9:31:08 AM
Testes are a part of male reproductive system and a hormone produced by testes is testosterone. Truth is that male sexual characteristics like facial hair, deep voice, muscle growth etc are mainly due to the presence of testosterone. It must be noted that testosterone works with follicle stimulating hormone or FSH to produce sperms. It is well known that sperms play a huge role in reproduction. Many of us might not know about factors that can lead to low testosterone levels in males. Men with low testosterone levels would show signs like low sex drive, low bone density, fatigue, poor energy levels plus symptoms of depression and poor concentration etc.

Various reasons for low testosterone levels in men are

Food intake:

The bitter fact is that the type of food men eat would affect the testosterone levels in them. Foods that are processed, foods with excess sugar content, flaxseeds, intake of alcohol etc would affect the testosterone levels in men.

Being overweight:

There are many men who are overweight. Truth is that being overweight would lead to many health problems. In addition, being overweight would also affect testosterone levels in men.

Not sleep well:

With lots of work pressure, stress plus due to other reasons etc, many of us do not get sound sleep during nights. This would not only affect our health but would affect testosterone also. Healthy sleep cycle is highly necessary for the testosterone levels to be good.

Uncontrolled diabetes and BP etc:

Low levels of testosterone in men could be due to uncontrolled diabetes. Hence it is important to manage diabetes well. Moreover, uncontrolled blood pressure with high cholesterol can also contribute to poor testosterone levels in men. Therefore controlling BP is very important.

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