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Joint pain or arthritis pain worsening especially during the winter seasons - Things to know and useful tips to follow etc!!

Posted on: 11/Dec/2023 5:49:15 PM
Does your joint pain increase during the winters?

In some persons, arthritis would increase their joint pain in the winter season and these persons would be finding it very difficult. Point is that when the temperature comes down during the winter season then nights would be longer and symptoms of arthritis would worsen. It is necessary to give importance to these symptoms.

Reason for increased knee joint pain especially in the winter seasons:

The healthy blood flow would get hindered due to the constriction of the blood vessels especially in the winter season. There is more pressure on the muscles and it could also result in many health issues like diabetes spike, high BP, increased knee joint pain etc. The knee joints would get dehydrated due to the low humidity levels in the winter season. This would make the joint stiff and painful.

There are few symptoms of increased joint pain in the winter seasons and these are

Increased pain:

It must be taken into account that during winters the synovial fluid present in the joints would get thickened and this would lead to more stiffness and pain etc. In the hands, knees and hips etc, there would be more pain.

Worsening stiffness:

The joints would feel more stiff and achy when the temperature drops and this would happen especially in the mornings and after some time of inactivity. The early morning would make the muscles tighten and this would lead to stiffness and pain etc.

Reduced physical mobility:

The range of motion in the joints would get reduced due to the stiffness associated with the winter weather. In this scenario, the person would find it tough to bend,  reach or do some simple movements etc.

Swelling & inflammation etc:

Inflammation in the joints would become more especially in the winter season and this would lead to swelling, redness and warmth etc.

Fatigue & weakness:

Persons could have fatigue and weakness when he or she experiences more stiffness and pain etc. This would make it difficult to do even daily activities etc. The mood and energy levels would get affected by the cold weather.

Superb tips to manage arthritis pain during winter season:

By staying warm:

It is necessary to dress warmly in layers to keep the joints warm and prevent stiffness. The persons must wear scarves around their necks and gloves in their hands to safeguard from the cold weather.

By staying active:

Low impact activities like swimming, walking or yoga etc would be superb to stay active. This would make the joints lubricated and flexible in the winter season.

By applying heat therapy:

With the help of a heating pad or hot bottle etc, we could apply heat on the joints.

By maintaining healthy weight:

There would be more stress on the joints due to excess body weight. Hence, it is essential to maintain a healthy body weight.

By staying hydrated:

This is also a superb way to manage joint pain especially in the cold winter season. Truth is that the knee joints would be kept hydrated by drinking water regularly.