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Is it true that cooking foods in microwave ovens would lead to cancer in us?

Posted on: 07/Dec/2023 5:46:36 PM
These days, microwaves have become part and parcel of our kitchens and they offer convenience and efficiency in preparing foods. There is always some confusion or doubt regarding the microwave usage and cancer development in us.

What are microwaves?

It is worthy to note that microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. The microwaves have wavelengths shorter than those of the radio waves.

Principle of microwave:

It must be noted that microwave ovens use these waves to heat food by generating energy that excites water molecules causing them to vibrate and generate heat.

Do microwave ovens cause cancer plus other misconceptions:

One common question many ask is whether microwave usage would lead to cancer. Truth is that when microwave is used within recommended guidelines then they do not pose a direct cancer risk. It must be noted that the energy levels emitted by the microwaves are not sufficient to cause DNA damage associated with cancer initiation.

Important point is that the microwaves used in the microwave ovens do not have energy to alter DNA structure in the cells. It is known that this process is associated with cancer development in us.

The microwave ovens would emit minimal radiation only and pose no harm to the users. For this, the microwave ovens are subjected to stringent safety standards and regulations etc.

Many of us get confused over the radiation leakage from the microwave ovens. Truth is that microwave ovens are constructed with multiple safety features that would prevent such types of leaks. Information is that the radiation exposure would remain well below the established safety limits.

There are also misconceptions about nutrient loss while cooking in the microwave ovens. Truth is that microwave heating is regarded as one of the gentler methods of heating. In the microwave, the cooking would be short and just the minimal water would be used. These would help in retaining the nutrients more when compared to the prolonged heating methods

Concerns about the use of plastic containers inside the microwave ovens are still there and people fear about the release of harmful chemicals into the food. Point is it is advised to use microwave safe containers and avoid certain types of plastic containers. It is revealed that the overall risk of cancer using appropriate containers is negligible.

Ways to lower or minimize risks:

  • - For safe microwave use, we must adhere  to the manufacturer`s instructions
  • - By regularly inspecting the microwave ovens for damage etc
  • - To prevent potential leaching, select the containers that are labelled as microwave safe
  • - Never use those plastic containers that are not labelled as microwave safe as they could lead to release of harmful substances when heated.

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