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Various important reasons why the diabetic persons must consume lemon for their health?

Posted on: 18/Sep/2023 11:50:19 AM
When a fruit is available easily, it is important to make use of that for the sake of our health. One such example is lemon. Not many diabetic persons would be aware of the fact that consuming lemon in moderate amounts would provide them with numerous health benefits.

Ingredients present in lemons are vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus etc.

Various ways by which lemon intake could help the diabetic persons are

Low Glycemic Index or GI:

When lemons are consumed, then they would have minimal effect on the blood sugar levels. By this, rapid increase in the blood sugar levels could be avoided easily.

Rich in vitamin C:

It must be noted that lemons are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant properties etc. This would help to lower the complications associated with diabetes like oxidative stress etc.

Provides hydration:

For our overall health to be good, it is necessary that we must be hydrated. By consuming lemon water, we could get hydrated and this would regulate the blood sugar levels in us.

Weight control:

To keep diabetes under control, it is very important that we must keep our weights in control. This weight control could be achieved by consuming lemons in moderate quantities. The presence of fibres in the lemon would make us feel full and we would not eat more food. By this, our weight would be kept in control.

Improves digestion:

The digestive issues would get reduced when diabetic persons consume lemon juice. It is known that digestive issues are commonly seen in those who are diabetic.

Balances pH levels:

By consuming lemons, there would be an alkalising effect on the body and pH would be balanced. It is worthy to note that maintaining a slightly alkaline body could be superb for overall health.

Adds flavour to food:

Without adding excessive calories or sugar, lemon intake could add flavour to the food. By this, the diabetic persons would enjoy eating their foods while managing their blood sugar levels.

Have antibacterial properties:

Those who are diabetic might get infections very easily. Therefore, by consuming lemons with anti-bacterial properties in them the diabetics could reduce the risk of getting infections etc.

Produces a calming effect:

Consuming lemons would lead to a calming effect on the diabetics. By this, stress levels would become lower in them. This is very important because stress could affect the blood sugar control.

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