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BE CAREFUL!! Watch out for these silent signs of unidentified hypertension!!

Posted on: 16/May/2023 9:15:50 AM
One of the most common health conditions that occurs is hypertension or high blood pressure or high BP. When the pressure in the blood vessel is more than 140/90mmHg, then we have hypertension condition. It is essential to treat hypertension to avoid further health compilations like heart attacks, strokes etc. In many people, hypertension goes undiagnosed only and due to this hypertension progresses into a serious health condition.

The surprising piece of information is that just 42% of the hypertension cases get detected and the rest don`t get detected at all. This was brought out by a report from the UN health agency. Between 20120 to 2023, WHO or World Health Organisation is aiming to reduce hypertension by 33percent. By knowing the silent signs of hypertension, we would be able to keep it under control.

Various silent signs are

Abnormal heart rhythm:

There are times when our heart would flutter and this would come and go away. This might be a mild sign. Fact is that we must never ignore abnormal heart rhythms. It is an important silent sign of undiagnosed hypertension. Please be careful.

Severe headache:

It is known that headaches would make a person feel highly uncomfortable. We all get headaches due to various reasons. Headaches that appear due to hypertension would be characterised by perspiration, palpitations and anxiety etc. Hypertension based headaches would pulsate and would worsen with activity.

Buzzing sound in ears:

Also known as tinnitus, hearing buzzing sound will reveal that the person might have hypertension. It is learnt that hypertension related risks like atherosclerosis that would lead to blood flow in the veins and arteries with higher force would lead to buzzing sound in the ears.

Feeling dizziness:

There are several complications associated with dizziness and one of the complications is hypertension. Those with hypertension would feel like fainting or unsteady etc. The persons with hypertension would feel a spinning or moving sensation in them.


When the blood pressure is way above the normal range, then there will be confusion in the person. There are chances that a person can get confused due to neurological issues  etc.

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