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These signs will indicate that the vitamin D levels are very low and it needs immediate attention!!

Posted on: 08/May/2023 9:14:57 AM
We could have vitamin D deficiency if we spend less time outdoors or don`t get exposed to sunlight.

Truth is that vitamin D deficiency must be treated or else we could get many health issues later on in life. Our nervous system could get affected plus we could lose our immunity levels and could have issues with bones etc also due to poor levels of vitamin D.

It is worthy to note that vitamin D is essential for our well being and it plays an important role in calcium absorption etc. We could get this important vitaminD from several foods like soymilk, cheese, egg yolk, mushrooms, fatty fishes etc.

Various signs we would show if we have low levels of vitamin D in us are

Anxiety and depression issues:

It is known that factors like stress and anxiety could result in depression in us., Another factor is poor levels of vitamin D can also lead to depression. When we get exposed to sunlight, then our body will secrete melatonin and from this serotonin is produced. Point is that more exposure to sunlight would lead to more secretion of melatonin followed by  more serotonin. Less amounts of serotonin would make us feel anxious, irritable and depressed etc.

Muscle and joint pain:

There would be inadequate absorption of calcium in the body when there is a deficiency of vitamin D in us. This would lead to low bone density in us. This low bone density could result in severe muscle pain, pain in the joints etc. Please take care.

Severe hair loss:

When there is a deficiency of vitamin D in us then we could have severe hair loss also. It is known to us that other factors like heredity, pollution, stress etc could also lead to severe hair loss in us. Point is that when the major building components of hair and skin become weak and lose their vitality then hair loss would occur in us.

Wound healing takes time:

Vitamin D could control inflammation and infections in us to a huge extent. When there is a lack of this vitamin then the wounds etc in us would take more time to heal.

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