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Serious health issues that we can get due to uncontrolled diabetes, take care!!

Posted on: 01/Apr/2023 9:34:19 AM
One health condition that many of us have these days is diabetes or high blood sugar level. This diabetes can be due to many reasons like stress, family history, being overweight, hormonal diseases etc. It is worthy to mention that diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way our body would process glucose. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the glucose levels in the body and we could get diabetes when our body doesn`t produce or properly use insulin.  

It is very essential that we must take proper treatment and keep diabetes in control or else we could get several serious health issues later.

These are the serious health issues we could get due to uncontrolled diabetes.

Cardiovascular disease or CVD:

We could get cardiovascular disease if we have diabetes in us. When we have diabetes then we are at risk of developing  high BP, high cholesterol and obesity etc. These would damage the blood vessels and would make us prone to issues like strokes, heart attacks etc. So, please take care.

Kidney disease or KD:

Our kidneys would get damaged due to diabetes and we could get diabetic nephropathy. The tiny blood vessels in the kidneys would get damaged due to high blood glucose levels. By this, the kidney functioning would get reduced. When diabetic nephropathy is left untreated, we could get end stage renal disease.

Eye diseases:

We could get diabetic retinopathy due to uncontrolled diabetes and the eyes would get affected. The blood vessels in the retina would get damaged due to high blood glucose levels. If left untreated, diabetic retinopathy would lead to blurred vision, blindness etc.


Our nerves would get affected by diabetes and this is neuropathy.  As a result, we could get numbness, tingling sensation and pain in the feet and hands. Please be careful.

Several infections:

Our immunity would get reduced due to diabetes and we could get many infections like UTI, skin infections etc easily. Sepsis could occur in some persons.

Alzheimer`s disease or AD:

The presence of diabetes could also increase the chances of getting Alzheimer`s disease. Those with AD would have memory, thinking and behaviour affected to a huge extent.


There are more chances of getting liver or pancreatic cancer etc if we have diabetes. This has been proved by the research studies. The growth of cancer cells would be promoted by the high blood glucose levels in us.

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