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Do you know these fantastic advantages of living under one roof in a joint family?

Posted on: 16/Jun/2022 9:56:35 AM
If given a choice which one couples would prefer? Living together under one roof in a joint family or living separately or in a nuclear family?

Truth is that the majority of couples belonging to this generation would definitely prefer living separately only. Example for nuclear families is parents living together with their own kids.

For any person, his or her family would come first and they would do anything for the sake of their families. Many now prefer nuclear families instead of living in a joint family and it could be due to the assumption that living in a nuclear family would be peaceful. This is not always correct. When many people live together under one roof then obviously fights and arguments would take place.

There are also some fabulous advantages of living together in a joint family. These are

Learning about family values:
It would be possible to inculcate family values when w e live together jointly under a common roof. There are chances to learn something new from other family members every day in the joint family.

Support for working couples:
This is one superb advantage of living together in a joint family. For many working couples, taking care of both home as well as the kids would be extremely difficult.  The couple would not have to face this issue when they live in a joint family.

Economic and social security:
When the couple live separately, then they might not be able to get the social and economic support from their family. It is true that living in a joint family would provide these. In case of issues, family members in a joint family would always be there to help out the couple.

Reduced workload in house:
The workload would get reduced in a joint family as there would be many persons available to do the work. It must be taken into account that in a joint family the work would get shared and the family members would be able to finish the work easily without too much issue. Responsibilities would be shared by everyone in the house.

Every occasion would be memorable:
In a joint family with so many members, every occasion from a small birthday to big functions would be a fantastic experience. The family members would contribute and make each and every occasion a memorable one. 

Learn to respect:
When a kid grows up in a joint family with many elders, then the kid would learn respect from the senior persons. This would shape the personality of the kids. It is well knonown that when a person shows respect and treats others with respect then the person would be appreciated by many.

Education more than books:
Schools would provide education to the kids but in joint family a kid would learn beyond books from grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. This is also a terrific advantage of living together in a joint family. Point is that living in a joint family would make one understand that there is more to education than just books.