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Do you know why consuming black garlic is good for our health?

Posted on: 18/Jan/2022 9:47:53 AM
Known for its unique taste, black garlic originally belongs to Korea. In many parts of India and in various other countries, many dishes are made using black garlic. By applying high temperature and humidity for more than 10 days to the garlic preparation, black garlic could be prepared.

By this process, it would be possible to convert the odor, pungent smell of raw garlic into a stable and safe compound. Black or dark brownish coloured garlic would be left behind and it would be sweet and sour in taste.

Various compounds present in black garlic are flavonoids, phenols, thiosulfates, pyruvate plus organo sulfur compounds like SAC and SAMC etc. Information is that amino acids present in black garlic includes threonine, aspartic acid, glycine, pyroline and glutamic acid etc

Various health benefits of consuming black garlic are

Improves heart health:

The presence of antioxidants in black garlic would make the heart health better in those with coronary heart disease etc. Those with heart diseases would have better blood circulation if they consume black garlic.

Immunity booster:

The high concentration of SAC or S allyl cysteine, SAMC or S allyl mercapto cysteine in the black garlic would boost the immunity to a huge extent. By this, various infections, diseases etc could be avoided.

Treats allergies:

It is known that allergies are mainly due to release of inflammatory cytokines like histamines, leukotrienes etc. When a person consumes black garlic then release of cytokines get suppressed. By this, allergies get prevented.

Controls diabetes and its complications:

Many people now suffer from this condition and find their lives difficult. By consuming black garlic having better antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties that white garlic diabetes and its complications could be controlled. 

Cancer is avoided:

The anticancer properties of black garlic play a huge role here. Truth is that the compounds like pyruvate, SAC etc in black garlic inhibit abnormal cell growth and help cell functions. Cancer could be prevented. There are few research studies that have shown that one third of cancer could be cured by change in the diet.

Reduces cholesterol levels:

Over the years, bad cholesterol gets accumulated inside us and this could lead to heart attacks etc. By intake of black garlic, it would be possible to reduce the bad cholesterol in us. It is believed that the presence of SAC and SAMC in the black garlic would lower the lipids.

Lowers GI based infections etc:

Some persons would have issues related to their urinary tracts or reproductive organs etc and these are called GTD or genitourinary tract diseases. By reducing the free radical damage, lowering albumin levels in urine etc, black garlic plays an important role in maintaining the health of these above mentioned organs etc.

Good for digestive health:

It is important for our digestive health to be good to be free from certain health issues. By eating black garlic, there would be e chances of stomach content emptied in the small intestines and smooth discharge of waste from the body. We could be free from issues like flatulence and indigestion etc.

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