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These foods must be avoided totally for your child as they could create many health issues


Posted on : 22/Apr/2021 9:43:45 AM

For the kids to grow well, a nutritious diet is needed. Parents feed their kids with different types of foods without even knowing what would be good or that suits their kids.

There are certain foods that kids under the age of 5 must not be given. They are

Avoid giving raw unpasteurised dairy products:
It is important that the kids are kept away from some types of cheese, milk and by-products. Fact is that raw and unpasteurised dairy products could lead to food borne illness. The kids might need hospitalisation also. So, please be careful.

Avoid giving cherries and big grapes:
A child below age of 3 might not have the ability to eat big fruits and having big fruit could choke the kid. Therefore, parents must avoid giving big fruits to their kids. It is said that the big sized fruit must be cut into small size pieces for easy biting.

Avoid giving gum, candies etc:
Kids below the age of three should not be given candies and medicinal foods like gum, hard candies, toffees, drops etc. The kids might swallow them and would get choked. Gastrointestinal issues like constipation might arise in the kids after taking these.

Avoid giving peanut and peanut butter:
It is true that many kids under the age of 5 are allergic to nuts like peanuts etc. By feeding the kids with chunky nut butter, peanut bars etc, could increase their allergy. Kids might get choking due to the butter consistency.

Avoid giving eggs:
Truth is that kids under 5 could get issues when they try to gulp the egg white. Kids might get issues like irritation, vomiting and allergies etc. Parents must not give raw eggs to their kids.

Avoid giving fizzy drinks:
The kid might get tooth decay issues if he or she drinks fizzy drinks like soda etc. So, parents must refrain from giving sodas, aerated drinks etc to their kids below 5.

Avoid giving too much salt or sugar:
Parents must not give their kid too much salt or sugary foods. Too much salt food could harm the kidneys. Mashed up homemade foods could be given.




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