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Helpful tips for healthy Monsoon

Posted on: 01/Nov/2017 6:00:28 PM
It is always stressed that we need to maintain good health and wellbeing, especially during monsoon. Yes, that is very true. And we need to take a lot of precautionary measures during rainy days. This does not just talk about people staying in water stagnant areas or street food consumption, but discusses a number of health tips to practice so that you can enjoy the weather to the fullest.
Healthy diet is a must
Our body and its digestive system will be highly prone to infections during this season. Most of the diseases during this period are water borne. Hence, make it a practice to drink only boiled and filtered water.
Further, take healthy and nutrition rich diet. In other words, cut down your intake of favorite chat items, street foods, Kulfi, sodas, juices, etc.
Eating half cooked or raw vegetables and salads is recommended.
Drink more water
Regardless of your level of activity, keep drinking a lot of water. Never switch to carbonated drinks, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks and beverages. You are always allowed to take a lot of herbal drinks like green tea that come with a lot of antibacterial properties.
Walking in the rain – a big No
Yes, it is going to tempt you to walk in the soothing roads under the rain showers. But you will also be prone to a number of viral infections like leptospirosis and many other fungal infections in the feet and nails.
In case your feet gets wet, get it dried immediately. Wet socks and shoes should be immediately removed.
Extra care need to be taken by diabetics. Walking barefooted is a big no, as there are a lot of germs around.
When the cloth is wet, make sure not to sit in AC room. Always have an extra pair of clothes, especially socks in your office.
Leave no room for dampness
You should, especially when you suffer out of asthma or other breathing troubles, leave no room for fungus to grow in the walls. Remember – damp walls always tend to grow fungus in them.
Make use of natural mosquito repellents
Monsoon time is malaria time! A lot of insects and flies including mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Hence, it is always recommended to use natural mosquito repellents. Mosquito bats come handy to help you too.
Take a shower once you’re back home
After getting back to home from office, get a hot shower to protect yourself from possible infections that may build up in sweat or dirt. Boost immunity with vitamin C.
Do not touch your eyes
Monsoon time brings with it a lot of eye infections such as conjunctivitis, style, dry eyes, corneal ulcers, etc. If ignored, this may even lead up to blindness. Hence, never touch your eyes with dirty hands. People who spend long hours in front of the computer are also likely to experience redness, itching or irritation in this period. If so, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.