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Those with meat allergy would show these important signs & symptoms take care!!

Posted on: 03/Apr/2024 9:17:45 AM

There are many who eat meat as it provides important nutrients like protein, iron, B vitamins etc and eating meat is considered healthy. By meat we mean the fleshy body portion of animals, fishes and birds etc. Though meat is mostly consumed by non-vegetarian eaters there are some vegetarians also who consume meat. Some people might get an allergy when they consume meat and they must be very careful. These persons must watch out for the signs and symptoms of meat allergy.

Few signs and symptoms of meat allergy are

Delayed onset symptoms:

It must be noted that meat allergies are different from other food allergies. Persons who are allergic to meat would show symptoms slowly. Persons who are allergic to food like nuts, shellfish etc would have an immediate allergic reaction. Fact is that the symptoms might not appear even after several hours also after intake of meat.

GI distress:

Gastrointestinal distress or GI distress is one of the most common allergic reactions to meat intake. Various gastrointestinal issues that a person could have after eating meat are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea etc.

Skin reactions:

Meat allergies would also be shown in the form of skin issues. A person who is allergic to meat might develop hives, rashes, swelling, itching etc in his or her skin. There are also chances of developing eczema or dermatitis after eating meat.

Respiratory issues:

There are possibilities of getting respiratory issues like coughing, wheezing plus shortness of breath or even anaphylaxis etc after eating meat. Not many are aware of the fact that anaphylaxis is a severe issue and it requires immediate medical attention. So, please be careful.

Cross reactivity:

The similarities in the structure of proteins between various types of meats could lead to cross reactivity issues. Here, a person who is allergic to beef might be allergic to pork intake. So, take care.


It has been brought out that if a person has a meat allergy then he or she must compulsorily consult a healthcare professional and get it treated. There are specific allergens that could be identified by blood tests or skin prick tests.

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