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Every woman must know these early signs of hormonal issue or imbalance in them !!

Posted on: 02/Mar/2024 8:49:02 AM
When there is irregularity in the production, secretion or action of hormones in the body, hormonal imbalance or issue occurs. It is a well known fact that hormones play a huge role in bodily functions. As a result, if there is any hormonal imbalance then it would result in health problems. It is normal for hormonal imbalances to occur inside the body of a woman but persistent hormonal imbalance could be a serious issue.

There are some early signs of hormonal imbalance in women like

Irregular menstrual cycles:

If a woman has hormonal imbalance in her then it would be shown by some changes in her menstrual cycle. These changes could be light or heavy periods, changes in cycle length etc. It is necessary that she keeps track of her menstrual cycle and note any irregularities etc.

Unexplained weight loss or gain:

One of the early signs of hormonal imbalance in women could also be unexplained weight changes despite no significant diet or activity changes. To ensure better hormonal health, a woman must keep an eye on her weight changes and evaluate lifestyle factors etc.

Skin related issues:

Poor hormonal balance in women is also shown by oily skin or excessive dryness etc. It is important that women must consult a dermatologist or an endocrinologist compulsorily and get treated for her issues.

Mood swings:

Truth is that mood fluctuations in women could be due to hormonal imbalance also. Women would feel irritated, anxious and depressed etc. In some cases, hormonal therapy is considered, but normally counselling would be done.

Sleep disturbances:

In women, hormonal imbalance is revealed by sleep disturbances like insomnia, difficulty in falling sleep etc. So, please take care.

Digestive problems:

Digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhoea and constipation etc are common in women with hormonal imbalance. It is necessary that women must eat balanced food, stay hydrated etc.

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