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Be careful - If you are obese, then you would get these serious health problems

Posted on: 05/Mar/2024 9:20:02 AM
It is well known to us that every year on 4th of March World Obesity Day is celebrated.

But how many of us know what obesity is?

In some persons, there would be accumulation of excess and abnormal fat in the body and this is termed as obesity. When the body mass index or BMI is more than 25 then it is called overweight and when BMI is more than 30 it is called as obese. This is as per WHO or World Health Organisation.

The shocking piece of information is that the prevalence of obesity has increased exponentially in the last 4 decades. What is more shocking is that the prevalence of obesity in India has been increasing faster than the world average.

Negative impact of obesity on our health:

More risk of cardiovascular issues:
It is true that obesity would increase the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Being obese, would also increase the chances of diabetes.

Joints degeneration:
Due to obesity, the degeneration of joints would occur in an increased manner. It must be noted that osteoarthritis could set in earlier. Reduced mobility would further lead to worsening obesity.

More risk of cancer:
Persons who are obese have more chances of getting cancers in their uterus, kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. So, please be careful.

Sleep apnea:
Obese persons would have sleep apnea issues in them. Here, the breathing repeatedly stops and starts. This could lead to hypertension and cardiac issues etc.

Slow healing of wounds etc:
The wound present in obese persons would heal very slowly  and recovery periods after surgery would become more also.

Obesity should not be looked at as a cosmetic based issue. Persons must take care of their body weight compulsorily to avoid getting several serious health issues mentioned above.

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