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Various important reasons why we must maintain a healthy circadian rhythm!!

Posted on: 29/Feb/2024 9:05:54 AM
How many of us are aware what circadian rhythm is?

There is a 24 hour internal clock inside our brain that would regulate cycles of alertness and sleepiness. The clock does its work by responding to the light changes in the environment. This is the circadian clock. For our overall health and well being, it is necessary that we must maintain a circadian rhythm.

There are several reasons why we must maintain a healthy circadian rhythm in us. They are

Regulates sleep wake cycle:

It must be noted that a constant circadian rhythm would help regulate sleep wake cycle. This would ensure that we get adequate and quality sleep. For our cognitive functions, memory consolidation and for our overall mental and physical health, sound sleep is necessary.

Optimises hormonal balance:

The release of hormones like melatonin and cortisol etc are influenced by the circadian rhythm. Point is that hormonal balance is needed for metabolism, stress response etc.

Improves cognitive function:

Cognitive processes like attention, problem solving etc are supported by well regulated circadian rhythm. Truth is that improved cognitive functions would contribute to better productivity and mental clarity etc in us.

Balances mood etc:

Neurotransmitter regulation would get impacted due to circadian rhythm disruptions. By this we could get mood disorders. Emotional as well as mental health would be good by maintaining a stable circadian rhythm.

Good for digestive health:

Digestive processes like enzyme secretion and nutrient absorption etc are influenced by circadian rhythm. It is true that a well regulated circadian rhythm would aid in optimal digestion etc.

Regulates body temp:

One important reason to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm is that it would regulate our body temperature. It is known that the body temperature would follow a natural pattern throughout the day. Sleep onset and quality would get better by proper temp regulation.

Improves heart health:

When there is disruption to the circadian rhythm then there are chances of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases etc. Our cardiovovascular health would get better by maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm.

Promotes weight management:

Metabolic processes as well as appetite regulation are influenced by circadian rhythm. Weight management would get promoted by means of well regulated circadian rhythm. This would reduce the chances of getting obesity based complications.

Improves immune system functions:

Immune system function would be supported by adequate sleep regulated by circadian rhythm. We would not get affected by diseases etc when our immune system is good.

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