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Are you aware of these foods that we must consume and must avoid in an empty stomach!!

Posted on: 23/Feb/2024 9:21:21 AM
What we consume in the morning on an empty stomach is very important and we must be mindful of that. Fact is that our bodies would be fasting all through the night and it must get proper fuel to begin the day. In this scenario, we must be careful in consuming foods and must eat only those foods that would not cause any problems. It is noteworthy that we must not consume acidic foods in an empty stomach in the morning as they would irritate the linings in the stomach and would create acidity issues.

Various foods that we can consume in an empty stomach are

Warm lemon water intake:
Our metabolism would get kick started and digestion would become better if we drink warm lemon water in an empty stomach in the morning.

Oat meal intake:
Truth is that by consuming oatmeal we would feel full throughout the day. This is due to the presence of fibres in oatmeal.

Greek yoghurt intake:
Our gut health would get boosted by consuming Greek Yoghurt in an empty stomach. It has got probiotics and proteins in it.

Green tea intake:
It must be noted that green tea is rich in antioxidants and it would boost metabolism and burn fat etc. Hence, it is good to consume green tea in an empty stomach.

Almonds intake:
Almonds are full of healthy fats, fibres, proteins etc and it is superb to eat almonds in the morning in an empty stomach.

Foods we must avoid consuming in an empty stomach are

Spicy foods intake:
Our linings present in the stomach would get irritated when we consume spicy foods in an empty stomach during the morning. This would result in acid reflux issues etc.

Citrus fruits intake:
Try to avoid eating citrus fruits in an empty stomach as they could lead to stomach irritation due to their acidic nature.

Carbonated drinks intake:
In the morning in an empty stomach do not drink carbonated drinks as they could cause gas, bloating etc in us.

Fried foods intake:
These foods would be hard to digest on an empty stomach and do not consume them in an empty stomach.

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