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For increasing your metabolism, eat these compulsorily after your heavy meals!!

Posted on: 21/Feb/2024 8:57:14 AM
Certain chemical reactions that take place in our body cells and these reactions would convert food into energy. These chemical reactions are called metabolism. It must be noted that with the help of energy only we do everything like moving, growing etc. Metabolism is of 2 types namely anabolism and catabolism. Former refers to processes that need energy while the latter refers to the processes that would create energy. Fact is that both anabolism as well as catabolism co-occurs in our body. We must make dietary choices that would help in the digestion and metabolism after a filling meal.

There are few foods that we must eat to increase our metabolism and the foods are

Intake of saunf jeera mix:

By stimulating the production of digestive enzymes, intake of both jeera and saunf is very important. The enzymes would help in easy digestion plus in better nutrient absorption. It is noteworthy that by consuming cumin seeds after heavy meals our metabolism would be increased.

Intake of ajwain water:

After the consumption of heavy meals, it is necessary to consume ajwain water or carom seeds soaked in water overnight. By this, our digestion as well as metabolism would get boosted.  After eating heavy foods, we can be free from digestive issues like bloating etc by consuming ajwain water.

Intake of Greek yoghurt:

There would be healthy digestion and metabolism when we consume Greek yoghurt. It would be good to consume unsweetened Greek yoghurt.

Intake of spicy foods:

Our metabolism would get speeded up momentarily after eating heavy meals by including spicy foods like cayenne peppers, chili peppers etc.

Intake of berries:

There would be increased metabolism and digestion etc when we eat berries like strawberries, blueberries etc. The high water content plus low calorie content in them are superb and it would be good for us to eat berries after heavy meals.

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