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Various important ways for a pregnant mother to manage her sugar cravings!!

Posted on: 08/Dec/2023 5:49:53 PM
We all love eating sugars and sugary foods, don`t we?

Imbalances in the blood glucose levels would lead to sugar cravings. It is worthy to note that low blood sugar levels might make us crave for something sweet in order to bring these levels. By eating sugary foods, we might feel better. Not many would know the fact that when we eat sugary foods our bodies would release dopamine etc and we would feel high. This would make us repeatedly eat sugary foods. Various factors that can lead to sugar cravings are hormonal imbalance, stress, certain medications etc.

It is true that pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in the lives of a woman. During pregnancy, a woman would crave for sweets or sweet foods and this is common. The pregnant mother must compulsorily take care of her and also the baby inside her womb. It is said that by taking a proactive step, a smoother and nutritionally sound pregnancy journey would be ensured for both mothers and babies.

Important effective tips for pregnant mothers to overcome their cravings for sugars are

By eating balanced prenatal meals:

The pregnant mother must eat a balanced food rich in proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables etc. By this, the blood sugar levels would be stabilized and her sugar cravings would come down.

By staying hydrated:

The pregnant mother could avoid unnecessary sugar cravings by staying hydrated or drinking water regularly. This would help her to distinguish between true hunger and thirst.

By eating nutrient dense foods:

It is important to mention here that pregnant mothers must consume nutrient dense foods like Greek yoghurt, nuts etc. This would make her satisfy sweet cravings in a healthier way.

By eating small frequent meals:

It is possible for a pregnant mother to maintain a steady blood sugar level by eating regular small meals. Intense cravings for sugar would be avoided.

By eating protein rich snacks:

In order to combat sugar cravings that would occur during pregnancy, the woman must keep protein rich snacks like lean meats, hummus etc ready.

By mindful eating:

Pregnant mothers must maintain a balance and not over indulge in sugary foods. They can eat the sugary foods in m moderate amounts.

By resting properly:

During pregnancy, a woman would get sugar cravings due to stress and hormonal changes etc. Therefore, she must ensure proper rest.

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