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Both cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels can be controlled or lowered by these easily available bedtime drinks!!

Posted on: 09/Dec/2023 4:33:49 PM
A waxy fat like substance that our body needs for good health is cholesterol. In some persons, unhealthy levels of cholesterol would lead to high blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is of two types namely bad cholesterol or LDL or low density lipoproteins and good cholesterol or HDL or high density lipoproteins. It is worthy to mention that too much of bad cholesterol would lead to more chances of getting CAD or coronary heart diseases. It is said that the total cholesterol levels of less than 240 mg per dl is considered as normal

Just before we eat meals, our blood sugar levels would be at the lowest. It must be taken into account that a fasting blood sugar level less than 100 mg per dl (5.6mmolperlitre) or between 70 mg per dl to 100 mg per dl is normal. Controlling both cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels is very important for our lives to be normal. 

Bedtime drinks that can control both our cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels are

Tomato juice intake:

The lycopene found in tomatoes especially would lower our cholesterol levels. By this, the lipid level would become better. The presence of fibre as well as niacin would control the blood sugar levels. Drinking tomato juice would help us to maintain both cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels well.

Cinnamon tea intake:

By drinking cinnamon tea, our abdominal fat and cholesterol levels would be controlled well plus there would be lowering of blood glucose levels in us.

Garlic water intake:

By drinking garlic water, the cholesterol levels in us would get lowered. It is superb to note that garlic soaked in water would prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases in us. This could be due to the antiviral and antifungal properties of this drink.

Triphala water intake:

Our blood sugar levels would be regulated by drinking triphala powder in warm water. In addition, it would flush out the toxins present in the body and would lower the cholesterol levels in us.

Turmeric water:

The presence of cucurmin in turmeric does superbly in lowering the blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels etc in us. This turmeric water intake is regarded as one of the safest ways to lower the cholesterol in the body.

Amla juice:

By drinking amla juice, our blood sugar levels w would get regulated and there would be a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels. Not only that, it would also lower the cholesterol levels in us. 

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