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For healthy prostate glands in males - Important things to know and follow!!

Posted on: 22/Nov/2023 9:42:27 AM
If you feel shy to talk about your issues regarding your prostate glands with others, then you are not alone!!

It is normal to feel shy when we try to discuss our issues about reproductive body parts with others. It is noteworthy that by prostate we refer to small walnut sized organs that are present exclusively in males. Located below the urinary bladder, prostrate is a part of the reproductive system in males.  In men above the age of 50, issues regarding prostate glands would appear.

It is very important to identify issues with respect to the prostate in the early stage itself. This would help in avoiding prostate glands disorders etc.

Commonly occurring prostate glands issues are

Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH:

In some elderly males, prostate glands would become enlarged. It must be noted that enlarged prostate glands would not lead to prostate cancer etc

Prostate cancer:

In certain males, the cells in their prostate glands would reproduce and would grow in an uncontrolled manner. This is prostate cancer.


Inflammation of the prostate gland is termed as prostatitis. This could be due to a bacterial infection. Symptoms are fever, chills, pain etc.

Habits every male must follow for healthy prostate glands:

By exercising:

It is necessary that men must engage in some form of physical activity. This would help them to have a healthy body weight and avoid prostate issues.

By eating balanced diet:

Consuming foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains etc are essential for men. It would be possible to avoid inflammation when men eat tomatoes and green tea that are rich in antioxidants.

By staying hydrated:

Men must drink atleast 8 glasses of water per day and keep themselves hydrated. By this, the prostate gland function would be superb.

By lowering red meat intake:

In order to lower the risk of getting prostate based problems, men must not eat red meat. They can eat l lean protein sources such as fishes, poultry etc.

By weight management:

It is highly necessary that men must maintain their body weight to be free from prostate based issues. This could be possible by eating a well balanced diet and by exercising etc.

By regular checkups:

Men above the age of 50 or men with a family history of prostate issues etc must have routine checkups without fail.

By limiting alcohol intake:

It must be noted that over consumption of alcohol would lead to issues in the prostate glands. Hence, it is important to reduce the alcohol intake.

By intake of prostate friendly nutrients:

Men must compulsorily eat a diet rich in nutrients like vitamin E, zinc, selenium etc for the sake of their prostate health. Examples of such foods are nuts, leafy greens etc.

By having a healthy sex life:

Research studies have shown that frequent ejaculation can reduce the risk of getting prostate glands cancer in men. This would keep the prostate glands healthy. It is noteworthy that the prostate gland is a muscle used in ejaculation during sexual activity.