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Simple and effective way to improve our hearth health & keep cardiovascular diseases away!!

Posted on: 02/Oct/2023 9:31:22 AM
If you come to know that by just drinking a glass of water, our heart health would be superb, then how will you react? Surprised right!!

Not many of us would be aware of the fact that by drinking water we are not only hydrating ourselves but also taking an important step towards protecting our heart. For various aspects of our health, it is highly essential to drink water. It is learnt that intake of water in sufficient amounts would have a great impact on the heart health. Many of us don`t give much importance to drinking enough water every day but give huge importance in keeping our body in good shape. The hydration effect is often overlooked.

These are various ways by which drinking water every day would improve our heart health.

Maintains healthy BP:

Optimal blood volume is promoted and heart strain would be reduced when we keep us adequately hydrated by drinking water regularly. By this, the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels would be supported. Heart would be able to pump blood throughout the body.  

Prevents dehydration bases stress:

Dehydration could lead to stress and not many are aware about this fact. It must be noted that dehydration could make the heart work harder to pump blood. This would increase the heart rate and more stress would be put on the cardiovascular system.

Reduced risk of getting blood clots:

Our blood would become thick if we do not drink enough water daily. This would then lead to blood clotting etc in us. It would be possible to maintain the fluidity of blood by drinking enough water. By this, we could avoid blood clots that could lead to strokes and heart attacks etc in us.

Support nutrient transport:

It is highly essential to eat a well balanced diet. It is true that by drinking enough water nutrients from the water also act as carriers for essential nutrients. These nutrients would then reach the heart and other vital organs in an efficient way. Point is that nutrient transport is important for proper heart functioning.

Helps in waste removal:

Kidneys would get superb support by drinking water. The kidneys would play an effective role in the removal of waste from blood. It is known that accumulation of waste in the blood would put more stress on the heart. There would be a healthy balance when we drink water and stress would get reduced effectively.

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