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Be careful!! Never eat papaya fruit with these foods as you could get health issues!!

Posted on: 08/Jun/2023 9:06:09 AM
If you have eaten papaya along with fruits like lemon or grapefruit or oranges etc and experienced stomach problems, acidity etc, then you are not alone!!

A tropical fruit that has yellowish green flesh and black coloured seeds is papaya.  It is mostly found growing in Mexico and central America etc. This superb fruit is good for our health when consumed alone and that is due to the fact that the papaya fruit has vitamins like A and C plus others like fibres,potassium etc. Important piece of information is that papaya could be eaten along with foods that are low in starch and proteins etc. We must never consume papaya along with certain foods.

Foods must not be consumed along with papaya are


We must not eat papaya in combination with cucumber as it might lead to issues like bloating, flatulence, stomach cramps and diarrhoea etc as they have high water content in them.


Ity is known that grapes are highly acidic and when we consume grapes with papaya then we could get acidity issues. There are also chances of irritation by intake of this combination.

Dairy products:

It is possible to get digestive issues and stomach cramps by eating papaya along with dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese etc. The enzyme papain present in the papaya would disturb the digestion of these dairy products.

Fried foods:

We could get stomach irritation etc when we eat fried foods like french fries or fried chicken etc with papaya fruit. Indigestion and stomach discomfort is possible due to the presence of fats in these fried foods.

Citrus fruits:

Various examples of citrus fruits are lemon, oranges, grapefruit etc. It must be noted that by eating papaya with these citrus fruits then we could get digestive problems in us. There are chances of getting issues like acid reflux, heartburns and stomach irritation etc by combining citrus fruits with papaya. This is due to the presence of high levels of vitamin C in papaya as well as in the citrus fruits.


As both tomatoes as well as papaya are highly acidic in nature, we could get acidity issues when we consume both tomatoes and papaya together.

Spicy foods:

We could get issues like stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhoea etc by consuming papaya with spicy foods. The lining of the stomach would get irritated by the intake of papaya and spicy foods. As a result, we could face digestive discomfort. 

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