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Reasons why too much usage of the internet is harmful for our health!!

Posted on: 07/Dec/2022 5:56:35 PM
The lives of the people have become better now than in the past, thanks to the development in the field of communication and technology!!

Various important information from every nook and corners of the world is now available very easily. Not only that, there is now instant contact possible with the people across the world with the development in the communication & technology. Inspite of many benefits of the technology development, there is always a huge risk associated with the excess use of the technology.

It must be noted that the continuous use of the internet and mobile phones would affect our health badly. Too much of anything is dangerous. It has been mentioned by a study published in the Journal of School Nursing that excessive use of the internet could lead to high BP and weight gain in the teenagers.

There are certain reasons that would reveal why excess usage of the internet is harmful.

Issues in the eyesight:

It is true that when we use the internet continuously our eyes would get affected. We could feel a burning sensation in the eyes. Swelling of the eyes would also be there sometimes.

Disturbs sleep:

It is highly essential to sleep for atleast 6 hours in the night for our body and mind to be healthy. The continuous use of the internet would affect sleep.

Increase in irritability:

The internet waves would affect our mental health due to excessive usage. We could become more irritable also.

Causes Alzheimer`s Disease:

There are many reasons for Alzheimer`s disease such as high BP, high cholesterol etc. In addition to these, this issue could also be due to excessive usage of the internet. The memory of the people would get affected badly.

Becoming obese:

The absence of physical activity due to excessive usage of the internet would lead to an increase in the body weight or obesity. This could further result in several health issues for us.

Depression issue:

It has been found out that those who spend excess time on the internet could get depression also. On the other hand, those who suffered from depression would spend too much time on the internet.