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Why must we never bathe in the cold water during the winter season?

Posted on: 18/Nov/2022 6:08:49 PM
In the winter season, heart issues and strokes have become more common in people!! Have you ever thought about what could be the real reason for this?

In the cold season, the blood vessels would contract and this would increase the blood pressure. This could further lead to more risks of heart attacks and strokes etc. It is true that many people take cold water baths in the winters citing various reasons from reduction in inflammation to pain relief to lower stress levels etc. The presence of a blood clot could be dangerous as it would block muscles from getting blood supply. This could result in heart attacks or strokes etc.

Apart from well known factors like age, family history,high cholesterol levels,  BP etc that could lead to heart attacks or strokes there are also other external reasons or lifestyle factors etc that can lead to these issues in us. Those persons with heart disease etc must not be exposed to sudden cold water.

It must be noted that when we are exposed to cold water the blood vessels in the skin would contract and this would slow down the flow of blood in the body. It is a fact that brain strokes are the major reason for disability and mortality in India.

Various ways by which we could reduce strokes during the winter seasons

By avoiding cold water baths:
It is necessary that we must bathe with lukewarm water instead of cold water during winters.

By keeping ourselves warm:
Winters could be very harsh on our bodies. It is necessary to protect ourselves from the cold by keeping us warm.  Covering the body with many layers of clothes could be good for the body in the winter seasons.

By being physically active:
It is important to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Various physical activities that we could do are running, walking, jogging, dancing,yoga etc.

By eating healthy diet:
In the winter season, it is good to eat seasonal fruits and green veggies. It is better to avoid fatty, processed foods and sugary foods etc in the winter seasons as they would increase the blood sugar as well as cholesterol etc in us.

By not overexerting:
Heart patients must not over exert themselves by doing heavy and strenuous work.

By avoiding alcohol and quitting smoking:
Drinking and smoking could lead to several health issues in us is a known fact. These two bad habits could lead to heart attacks and strokokes etc.