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Know about the various reasons for itchy eyes issue and their treatments!!


Posted on : 20/Oct/2021 9:54:31 AM

Most of us would have had the issue of Itchy eyes in our lives. When we have this issue then we find it highly uncomfortable as there would be constant itching in our eyes. Mostly, we use our hands to overcome the itchiness in our eyes. The eyes would turn reddish in colour.

Itchy eyes in us could be due to various reasons and these are

Dry eyes:
Itchiness in our eyes could be due to dry eyes problem and this is a common problem. Here, the eyes do not produce enough tears or the tears evaporate quickly leading to itchy eyes. Dry eyes in us could be due to factors such as too much screen time, ageing, hormonal changes in women etc. This dry eyes issue could be treated by using eye drops.

It is important to note that allergies not only cause sneezing or runny nose but it could also cause itchiness in the eyes. Here, our immune system releases histamine a chemical and this leads to inflammation causing allergic reaction. Point is that allergies could be seasonal or all through the year. It could be due to both indoor as well as outdoor triggers. Allergies are due to pollen, dust etc. Allergies could be avoided by keeping pollen away by frequent washing of clothes etc. It would be good to wear masks to avoid allergies.  

Contact lens use:
Many use contact lens as they find it comfortable than spectacles. Wearing contact lens for long duration could lead to itchiness in eyes etc in some persons as the lens is foreign body. By wearing contact lens for a longer time the eyes would not be able to get oxygen from environment and due this we might get eye irritation, itchiness etc. This issue could be treated by using contact lens re-wetting drops. We must take care that the contact lens are not tight on the eyes. We could take breaks from wearing contact lens continuously and use specs for some time in between.

Our eyes could get infected by various ways. Overgrowth of normal bacteria in eyes could lead to inflammation in the eyes. Truth is that contamination with other bacteria or viruses could also lead to eye inflammation and itchiness. It is essential that person with eye infections must wash their hands frequently and not touch their eyes frequently. He or she with eye infections must have antibiotics.

Many people get affected by blepharitis issue also and it is inflammation of the eyelids. It occurs mostly around the edges of eyelids. The person with inflamed eyelids would feel uncomfortable and would have itchiness in eyes. This issue could be treated at homes by using a warm compress on the eyes Antibiotics




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