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Depression issues in us could be due to these surprising reasons, please be careful!!


Posted on : 19/Oct/2021 9:55:53 AM

Emotional, mental as well as our physical health would get affected when we become depressed!!

Not many of us are aware of the fact that in the world now 300 million people are having this depression issue with India being the country with the most number of depressed persons. When a person is depressed, then his or her life gets affected badly. Depression could lead to physical and mental pain and depressed people try to figure them out by themselves. While the stigma associated with depression issues has been coming down slowly, the number of depression cases has been on the rise across the globe.

Various surprising reasons for depression in us could be

Seasonal affective disorder:
It must be noted that SAD or seasonal affective disorder could be due to change of the seasons. Truth is that prolonged exposure to scorching heat could also lead to depression.

The relation between smoking and depression is that the depressed persons would take up smoking. It is true that the nicotine present in tobacco could affect the neurotransmitter activity in human brains.

Hypothyroidism issues:
Those with hypothyroidism would have depression issues. Here, the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone into the blood. This would lead to slowing down of metabolism.

Poor sleeping habits:
Depression in humans could also be due to irregular sleeping habits. Many of us do not sleep well and it might lead to depression. Here, the activity of the brain would get severely affected due to irregular sleeping habits.

Relationship and sex issues:
Another surprising reason for depression in us could be due to issues in relationships that could affect us badly. It must be noted that issues with a partner could lead to reduced or no sexual satisfaction and this would in turn cause depression.

Finance based issues:
Many nowadays have finance based issues and this could lead to depression issues in us. People would not be able to meet both ends due to finance issues and they could become depressed.

Studies have shown that people who live in urban areas where pollution levels are very high might have depression issues. In polluted areas, the incidence of depression increases by 50%.

Having too many choices:
Truth is that depressision gets triggered if there are too many choices available. Here, too many choices would exhaust the persons both mentally as well as physically leading to depression in them.

Using certain birth control pills:
Depression occurs in women when they consume certain oral contraceptives having synthetic versions of progesterone.

Lack of balanced diet:
It is essential for our health to be good, we must eat a well balanced diet compulsorily. We need all types of nutrients for our body to function well. Point to be noted is that optimal mental health needs adequate availability and absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc as essential building blocks for the brain cells. It is said that when the nutritional biochemistry of the body is imbalanced then mental health would get affected leading to depression.




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