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What to do and not to do during summer?

To be healthier and happy this summer, here have some simple do’s and don’ts.

Posted On :20/Mar/2017 4:32:52 PM

7 foods to keep your body cool this summer

Take a look at seven foods that you can refrigerate and keep cool and beat the heat this summer.

Posted On :20/Mar/2017 12:51:27 PM

Drink plenty but not too much of water

The hot weather in India has put everyone in trouble. Day or night, evening or morning, whatever is the time, people feel too warm and get irked with the UV rays while driving to and fro workplace.

Posted On :19/Mar/2017 12:06:25 PM

Quick tips on how to keep veggies and meat fresh this summer

It is during summer that bacteria multiply faster. And the most common diseases that hit people is food poisoning. This is really very serious if left untreated or treated on time.

Posted On :19/Mar/2017 11:53:57 AM

Is it ok to go for a walk during nights?

During the early mornings, the surroundings will be peaceful and the air outside will be unpolluted and refreshing. So, taking walks during early mornings in the open air will yield the best benefits.

Posted On :17/Mar/2017 6:19:24 PM

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