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Get rich calcium with mineral water, study

Theresa Greupner of Leibniz University Hannover in Germany says that mineral water as a source of calcium is a better, calorie-free alternative to dairy and milk products.

Posted On :05/Jul/2017 12:36:54 PM

Do more physical activity to reduce back pain

Are you suffering with chronic low back pain? You may engage in physical activity or intense exercising for reducing the risk of chronic lower back pain, says a new review of earlier study.

Posted On :04/Jul/2017 11:46:25 AM

Why is fish good for health?

According to a new study, one can relieve the symptoms of arthritis by eating fish twice a week. Comparing those who eat fish and those who dont, the former had less swelling or tender joints as compared to the latter.

Posted On :22/Jun/2017 2:41:43 PM

Baby yoga and its benefits

Today being the International Day of Yoga, the entire country is trying their hands on different yoga asanas, as initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Well, why should we leave the babies behind when it comes to Yoga?

Posted On :21/Jun/2017 4:01:10 PM

Strictly no outside food, say doctors

As there are seasonal changes and with the onset of monsoon, doctors strictly warn people not to consume roadside food or drink. This will have increased chance of typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, gastroenteritis or paratyphoid.

Posted On :19/Jun/2017 12:29:25 PM

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