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Rainfall Ripples: Chennais Koyambedu Market Veggie Prices Dance with the Drizzle!

Posted on: 10/Jun/2024 12:10:52 PM

In recent weeks, consistent rainfall in Chennai has subtly altered the prices of various vegetables at the bustling Koyambedu market. Tomatoes, a kitchen staple, are now available at Rs 35/kg, while big onions and eggplants see a modest dip to Rs 25/kg and Rs 30/kg, respectively. Cabbage follows suit with a slight decrease to Rs 15/kg, while long beans maintain a higher price point at Rs 70/kg.

Beetroot joins tomatoes at Rs 35/kg, while bananas remain steady at Rs 50/kg. Carrots and radishes are priced similarly at Rs 35/kg. Okra and drumsticks share the same rate at Rs 30/kg.

Ginger stands out with a higher price tag at Rs 120/kg. Bitter gourd remains affordable at Rs 45/kg, while bell peppers and spring onions are priced at Rs 30/kg and Rs 60/kg, respectively. Chow chow is available at Rs 40/kg.

Cauliflower retains its budget-friendly status at Rs 25/kg, while bottle gourd sees a marginal decrease at Rs 20/kg. Mangoes offer a sweet respite amidst the dreary weather at Rs 30/kg. Chillies wrap up the list at Rs 45/kg.

These price shifts reflect the delicate balance between supply and demand, influenced by the ongoing rainfall impacting cultivation and distribution. As consumers adapt, they tweak their shopping lists to accommodate both culinary needs and budget constraints.

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