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Be careful!! Warning from Central Govt to all Android smartphone users in India!!

Posted on: 15/May/2024 9:26:14 AM

A warning has been issued now from the Central government for Android mobile phone users across India. It is learnt that Cert- in (an agency under IT & Electronic dept of GOI) has released a new update for India based Android smartphone users indicating that the users are at huge risk of security breaches. It must be noted that Cert- In has identified many vulnerabilities in Android smart phones and these could result in the leakage of user`s personnel data etc.

The bitter truth is that the cyber criminals could easily get access to the Android smart phones and compromise their personal information. Vulnerabilities are present in various components of the Android system like Framework system, Google Play System updates, Kernel, Kernel LTS, media tech components, Qualcomm components etc.

Information gathered is that the cybercriminals could get easy access to login details, banking info, financial data, contracts, browsing history etc.  Those Android smartphones that run on android 12, Android 12L, Android 13 and Android 14 are at huge risk of cyber fraud. To avoid this, the Android users have been asked to update their smartphones immediately.

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