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Chennai Metro Rail Embarks on Construction of Tallest Pillar at Kathipara Junction for Phase II Network

Posted on: 23/Feb/2024 11:50:15 AM
In a significant development for the Chennai Metro Rail`s Phase II project, construction has commenced on the tallest pillar at Kathipara Junction, standing at an impressive 108 feet. The pillar, a part of corridor 5 in the 116-kilometer Phase II network, presents a unique engineering challenge due to the convergence of two metro rail corridors from Phase I (Wimco Nagar to Chennai airport and Chennai Central to St Thomas Mount) above busy traffic.

Undertaking the construction is Larsen and Toubro, utilizing the `Balanced Cantilever` method, chosen for its efficacy in scenarios with heavy traffic flow and limited ground space. T. Archunan, Director (Projects) at Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), highlighted the method`s application in the phase I project and its suitability for massive pillar heights. The Kathipara Junction pillar, exceeding 30 meters in height, is set to be the tallest in the Chennai Metro Rail network.

Krishna Prabhakar K., Project Manager of L&T, emphasized the careful planning involved in constructing the sharpest curve (125-meter radius) between Butt Road and Alandur. The foundation, with a diameter of 1.5 meters and 12 piles, has been designed to withstand heavy loads, ensuring public safety.

With work progressing at a commendable pace, officials anticipate completing this segment of the project in the coming years. Once finished, commuters passing through Kathipara Junction will witness not only the tallest pillar but also the crisscrossing of two trains from Phase I, marking a significant milestone in Chennai`s metro rail infrastructure.