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Summer fast approaching - The urgent need for the daily commuters in Chennai now?

Posted on: 13/Feb/2024 9:24:00 AM
Going across Chennai, we might come across many improper bus shelters without any necessary infrastructural facilities. Witnessing poor conditioned bus shelters have become very common.

The winter season has gone and the summer season is slowly beginning now. In this scenario, there is an urgent need to have proper bus shelters for the daily commuters. There is now an important question in the minds of many that is whether the existing and damaged bus shelters would get rectified soon or not.

It has become common to see broken shelters, bus seats either low or high, broken pavements that are left without repair after electricity or SWD works etc.

In Egmore, a bus shelter at Annai EVR Maniammai Salai has been in untidy conditions for a long time. The presence of garbage there has been creating issues for many commuters.

According to a commuter here, the area is very unhygienic and the seats are dirty. As a result, commuters are forced to stand until the buses arrive.

It was brought out by a vendor here that the bus stop was used by homeless people who sleep here at night. In addition, the bus stop is also used as a place for open urination etc.