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Chennai Airport Expands Capacity for Long-Haul Flights, Allaying Concerns

Posted on: 12/Feb/2024 4:27:28 PM
The Chennai Airport terminal complex is set to enhance its capacity for long-haul international flights, addressing concerns raised by recent news reports. The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced that the airport currently boasts 13 aerobridges, with an additional one under construction specifically tailored for wide-bodied long-haul aircraft. Expected to be operational by March 2024, this new addition will significantly augment the airport`s capabilities.

Contrary to reports suggesting a shortage of aerobridges hindering long-haul operations, the Ministry clarified that five out of the existing 13 aerobridges are equipped to handle Code E aircraft, suitable for wide-bodied long-haul flights. Furthermore, with the completion of the second phase of T2 slated for 2025, an extra three aerobridges capable of accommodating Code E aircraft will be added, bringing the total to nine.

Responding to concerns about the suitability of the airport for large aircraft like the A380, the Ministry emphasized that the A380 belongs to the Code F category, production of which ceased in 2021. Instead, the focus is on accommodating newer-generation wide-bodied long-haul aircraft such as the A350 and B777, which fall under the Code E classification. Chennai Airport is fully equipped to handle these aircraft, with provisions in place for their smooth operation.

The Ministry`s reassurance underscores the airport`s commitment to meeting the growing demand for international flights, particularly long-haul services. With expanded infrastructure and capabilities, Chennai Airport is poised to facilitate seamless travel experiences for passengers and airlines alike, bolstering its position as a key gateway for international air travel.