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Harrowing experience on Sunday by the passengers at many railway stations in Chennai - What happened?

Posted on: 12/Feb/2024 9:10:21 AM
On Sunday, 11th February, several railway stations belonging to Chennai were full of passengers. The reason for this was due to the maintenance work and many suburban trains were cancelled. Point is that despite the announcement from the SR or southern railways regarding the maintenance work passengers were stranded in many railway stations. It must be noted that the passengers did not know about the announcement from SR.

In the Nungambakkam railway station many passengers who did not know about the S announcement waited for several hours to catch the train. Truth is that those passengers who came to know about the announcement from SR waited at nearby bus stops to catch MTC buses. As it was Sunday, MTC operated minimum services only. The passengers had a harrowing experience due to this.

Usually, the SR would announce the cancellation of the trains on their website so that the passengers could plan their train travel accordingly. Information is that trains between Chennai Beach- Tambaram, Chennai Beach - Chengalpet , Tambaram- Chennai beach etc were cancelled on Sunday from 11am till 3:30pm. Between Tambaram and Chengalpet and Chengalpet and Tambaram, passenger special trains were operated.