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Shocking!! Houses pushed down in south Chennai locality - Residents more anxious about safety!!

Posted on: 12/Feb/2024 9:07:53 AM
In the southern part of Chennai, Pallavaram is an important residential locality. For more than eight years, no repair of the roads has been carried out here and due to this the roads are in bad condition. The residents belonging to Eswari Nagar here are unhappy now.  

On 20th January, a new road was laid on one side. This was mentioned by a civic activist here. He threw light about how several complaints were filed about old bitumen roads that should be milled before re-laying the new road. Point is that sand from the construction works is present in the middle of the roads and it blocks vehicles.

It is noteworthy that at Eswari Nagar a new road was laid above the old bitumen road and this increased the road height. The houses here have been pushed down several inches and the residents are highly anxious regarding their safety now as this place gets inundated every year.

It was brought out by a resident that every year the place gets flooded and water enters the houses. He added that an increase in the road height would worsen the situation. The assistant engineer from Tambaram Corporation has assured that the issue would be looked into as soon as possible.