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Traffic Crackdown Yields Rs 2.39 Crore in Fines from Illegal Vehicles in Tamil Nadu!

Posted on: 27/Nov/2023 10:12:58 AM
In a recent crackdown on illegal driving, Traffic Commissioner A. Shanmugasundaram announced the collection of Rs 2.39 crore in fines from offending vehicle owners in Tamil Nadu. 

A press release issued yesterday revealed that local traffic officers, motor vehicle inspectors, and others from 12 zones under the transport department conducted a surprise inspection, examining 11,023 vehicles. Authorities took action against 2,281 vehicles for violations such as overloading, carrying excess passengers, and driving without a license. The collected amount includes Rs 28.49 lakh in outstanding vehicle tax and Rs 2.11 crore as penalties. Commissioner Shanmugasundaram emphasized that such surprise tests will continue sporadically across the state to ensure road safety and compliance with regulations.

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