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2 cyclonic formats prevail in the atmosphere! Orange Alert is given for 2 days!!

Posted on: 21/Nov/2023 12:52:27 PM
A cyclonic format is prevailing on the lower layers of the atmosphere over the Kanyakumari Ocean area and the adjacent areas. Another cyclonic format is prevailing over the lower layers of the atmosphere over the Tamil Nadu coastal areas and the adjacent southwest Bay of Bengal.

Due to the above prevailing cyclonic formats, there are prospects for heavy rains until the 14th of November in several districts in Tamil Nadu State and prospects for very heavy rains in a few districts in Tamil Nadu State.

An `Orange` ALERT has been issued to the districts of Thirunelveli, Thenkasi, Theni, and Dindigul.

There are prospects for heavy rains in a few places in Chennai Metro City and widespread medium rain in other parts of the city.

As of yesterday (Monday, 20th November) morning at 8.30 AM, a maximum rainfall of 16 cm has been recorded at Kulasekarappattinam in Thoothukkudi District.

An average rainfall of 30 cm is expected from the 1st of October till yesterday (Monday, 20th November). However, this year, there has been only 25 cm of rainfall recorded which is 16% less as informed by the Director of the Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre, Balachandran.

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