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An important shocking decision taken by Aavin regarding selling green milk packets!!

Posted on: 21/Nov/2023 9:21:48 AM
A shocker for the residents now from Aavin!!

The news that has come out is that the management of Aavin has decided to stop the sales of Aavin green milk packets from 25th of November onwards. It is known that Aavin has been selling 30lakh litres of milk per day and 14.75 lakh litres of milk is sold in Chennai alone. Aavin distributes 4 types of milk packets to its customers.

Aavin Green Magic Milk:

It is noteworthy that this milk packet contains 4.5gms of solid fat and 3,2gs of proteins, 4.7gms carbohydrates and 700mg minerals etc. The green Aavin milk packets account for 40percent of the total sales from Aavin. This milk packet is being sold for Rs 44 per litre. Aavin has been selling purple milk packets for Rs 44 and the purple milk packets have 3.5% fat content.

By selling green milk packets containing 4.5 gms of fat for Rs 44 per litre, Aavin has incurred huge revenue loss. In other parts of TN, the selling of green milk packets has been stopped. In Chennai, Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur and Chengalpet districts only, green milk packets are being sold now.

It must be noted that Delight milk from Aavin with 3.5percen fat content is also sold for Rs 44 per litre now. In this situation, the Aavin has decided to stop the sales of green milk packets now across TN. Those customers who have green milk cards must shift to doubly balanced or full cream milk.

From 1st December onwards, the same price milk would be distributed to the milk card holders in TN. From 16th December onwards, delight milk cards would be issued for the public. It is known that Aavin milk cards are usually distributed from 1st to 15th of every month. From 25th November, sales of green milk cards would be stopped. Till 15th December, green milk cards would be received.

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