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Latest request from ATC officers now to the TN youngsters!!

Posted on: 20/Oct/2023 9:25:06 AM
Controlling the air traffic is a highly challenging job!!

The ATC officials have requested the youngsters belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu to come forward and to apply for the ATC jobs in the airports. Information is that there are 500 ATC job vacancies to be filled in this year.

International day for Air Traffic Controllers is celebrated today, 20th October is well known to us.

To safely move aircraft in the airspace system, ATC was formed about 100 years back in India.   In the year 1932, ATC was formed in the Chennai city.

On all days in a year, ATC would be functioning in the Chennai airport. It must be noted that ATC would play a huge role in departing and landing the aircraft safely on the runway.

The surprising piece of information is that most of the officers working in the ATC dept belong to other places across India and just few only are from the state of TN. This was brought out by some officers at the airport. It is learnt that the youngsters from TN are unaware about the ATC job at the airports and they must come forward to write an entrance exam for the ATC vacancies.

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