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Moderate Rainfall Forecasted for Tamil Nadu Over the Next Six Days

Posted on: 03/Oct/2023 12:20:02 PM
The Meteorological Department has issued a weather advisory indicating the likelihood of moderate rainfall at isolated locations in Tamil Nadu for a duration of six days, starting from today.

In a press release from the Director of the Chennai Meteorological Center, P. Senthamaraikannan, it was stated that Tamil Nadu and Puducherry may experience light to moderate rain accompanied by thunder and lightning today (October 3). This change in weather patterns is attributed to variations in the speed of the western wind heading towards Tamil Nadu. The forecast further predicts light to moderate rainfall at a few places in the region from October 4th to 8th.

Chennai and its surrounding areas are expected to remain partly cloudy in the next 48 hours. Some parts of the city might witness thunder, lightning, and light to moderate rain. The maximum temperature is anticipated to be around 97 degrees Fahrenheit, with a minimum temperature of approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fishermen have been cautioned regarding the weather conditions. Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and the Gulf of Mannar are expected to experience winds at speeds ranging from 45 to 55 km per hour, with the possibility of cyclonic winds at up to 65 km per hour. In light of this, fishermen have been advised to refrain from venturing into these areas for their safety.

This weather advisory serves as a reminder of the importance of staying informed about changing weather conditions and taking necessary precautions, especially for those in vulnerable areas and industries sensitive to weather fluctuations.

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