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Greater Chennai Corporation - New Initiative: Arrangements to pay Property Tax even on holidays!

Posted on: 27/Sep/2023 12:06:11 PM
In a recent notification released by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) regarding the payment of Property Tax, it is mentioned:

"With due consideration for Property Owners, traders, and commercial establishments, the facility for paying Property Tax on the ensuing holidays-tomorrow, Thursday, 28th September (Miladi Nabi festival), and on Saturday, 30th September-is available at the Head Office of the Revenue Department in the Ripon Building and the Zonal Section Offices of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).

As per the prevailing rules, if Property Tax is not paid before the 30th of September, a penalty will be charged for late payment of Property Tax starting from the 1st of October.

Property Owners and Traders can pay the Property Tax online (through the internet) on the 30th of September or at the GCC Head Office in the Ripon Building or the Zonal Section Offices of the GCC. This cooperation with the efforts undertaken by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) in this regard is greatly appreciated!"

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