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Commencement of Quarterly Examinations for Classes 6 to 10

Posted on: 19/Sep/2023 10:31:47 AM
Today marks the beginning of the quarterly examinations for students in classes 6 to 10, encompassing both government and private schools, as they take on a common question paper format. These examinations, which commenced on Tuesday, will run until the 27th of this month.

Earlier, on the 15th, the quarterly examinations for students in class 11 and 12 were initiated. The quarter examination break is scheduled from the 28th of this month until the 2nd of October.

To ensure uniformity in the evaluation process, a standardized single question paper pattern has been reintroduced for all students following the state curriculum. This approach mitigates disparities arising from district-specific question paper systems. By implementing a common question paper scheme, all school students will undertake the same set of questions, eliminating potential imbalances.

It is imperative for district education authorities to download these question papers, prepared by the government examination department, and securely store and distribute them on the examination day. A stern warning has been issued, emphasizing that strict action will be taken against any educational authorities or personnel found responsible for question paper leaks prior to the examinations.

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