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Sensational Vinayagar Chathurthi Celebrations - 150kg pudding offered to Utchi Pillayar Koil and Manicka Vinayagar temple etc!!

Posted on: 19/Sep/2023 9:34:46 AM
The news that has come out now is that on the occasion of the Vinayagar Chathurthi festival 150kg of puddings or kozhukattai was offered to Uttchi Pillayar Koil and Maanicka Vinayagar temple etc.

It is well known to us that in Trichy is situated the famous Thayumana Swamy temple (also referred as Tenkailayam) at a height of 273 ft and it has got 417 steps. At the hilltop is present Uttchi Pillayar Koil and at the base of the hill is present Maanicka Vinayagar temple. After the new moon in the month of Avani, the Vinayagar Chathurthi festival is usually celebrated in a grand manner here.

Normally, on the occasion of this important festival 50kg of rice flour, 60kg of round jiggery,30 kg ghee, cardamom, nutmeg , sesame coconut flower etc would be used to prepare pudding or kozhukattai in the Madapalli of the temple. The kozhukattai would then be offered to the god.

In the same manner, for this Vinayaga Chathurthi festival also 150kg of mega pudding was prepared. In the morning, ganapathi puja was performed and gaja puja was also performed for the temple elephant. It must be noted that at about 9:10 am in the morning the temple workers tied pudding in a cloth like a cradle from the madapalli and took the pudding to the Utchi Pillayar Koil and Maanicka Vinayagar Koil. Seventy five kilograms of puddings was offered to each of the temples.  

There were many devotees not only from Trichy district but also from other districts who took part in this. Later on, the puddings prepared for Lord Vinayagar were offered to the devotees. It must be taken into account that different kolams were put on the steps at the hilltop. Different types of flowers and fruits were used to decorate Utchi Pillayar sannadhi and Maanicka Vinayagar sannadhi.

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