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Be Aware!! Those with high BP must not consume these vitamins as it could lead to heart attacks etc!!

Posted on: 19/May/2023 9:23:16 AM
Sometimes, the medications and supplements we take might be good for our overall health but not for our heart. Many people these days have a common health condition: high BP or blood pressure. 

It has been found out by some research studies that certain vitamin supplements that are important for the body functions could increase the blood pressure either by directly affecting the cardiovascular system or indirectly by interfering with the medications that are taken for controlling the blood pressure.  Point is that unlike over the counter medications, vitamin supplements do not have to be given approval by any drug regulating body such as the FDA etc.

Those persons who have high BP must not consume these vitamins.

Avoid intake of vitamin E:

It is noteworthy that excess intake of vitamin E could lead to blood thinning and fatal bleeding. It could interfere with blood clotting. Point is that blood clotting is the body`s natural defense mechanism against  excess bleeding after an injury etc. By intake of excess amounts of vitamin E a person with high BP can also get hemorrhagic stroke.

Avoid intake of vitamin K:

Vitamin K also plays an important role in the clotting of blood. The bones would become healthy with the help of this vitamin. Intake of excess vitamin K Would interfere with the working  of the blood thinning medicines. This would lead to more chances of getting heart attacks or strokes etc.

Avoid intake of vitamin D:

When a person with high BP takes vitamin D supplements for a long time, then it would create toxicity in the body of the person. It must be noted that vitamin D toxicity or hypervitaminosis D could be a serious issue that could lead to abnormal buildup of calcium in the blood. Those persons with vitamin D toxicity would show symptoms like abnormal heart beats, GI issues, kidney failure etc.

Avoid intake of Arnica:

Loaded with vitamins, Arnica when applied on the skin is safe but it must not be consumed as a pill or in other forms etc. Truth is that Arnica is used as a flavour ingredient in beverages, frozen desserts, baked goods etc.

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