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Sudden strengthening of low pressure area into a storm- Less severe temperatures in Chennai in May!!

Posted on: 04/May/2023 9:16:02 AM
According to Mr. S.Balachandran, director, RMC, Chennai, the low pressure area that will form in Bay of Bengal on 7th of May would strengthen into a storm on 9th of May. He explained that on 6th May there are chances of atmospheric air circulation at the south east Bay of Bengal. It must be taken into account that due to its impact on 7th May it would strengthen as a low pressure area and on 8th of May it would  become a low pressure zone. On 9th of May it intensified into a storm. Later on, it would move in northerly direction towards central lBay of Bengal. In the coming days, whether there will be rain or not will be notified.

Currently, in the lower layers of upper atmosphere in south India there is an area where the easterly winds and westerly winds meet. As a result of this, light to moderate rains with thunder and lightning will occur in few places on 4th and 5th May in TN, Puducherry and Karaikal. On 6tha dn 7th May, there would be light to moderate rains.

Information is on 5th. 6tha dn 7th the temperature would gradually rise up to 7 degrees fahrenheit in TN. Puducherry and Karaikal etc. In the next 48 hours, Chennai and its suburbs will have partly cloudy skies and light rains might occur in few places in the city.

In the last 24 hours that ended at 8:30 am on 3rd May morning, maximum rainfall of 11cms was recorded in the Cinchona in Coimbatore district and 10cms of rain in Kadambur and Kazhugumalai of Tuticorin district. Ever since the start of Chithirai masam, many districts in TN have been suffering from intense heat. Places like Erode etc record 106 degrees fahrenheit temperature. The public have avoided coming out during the morning due to the intense heat. The rains in TN in the last few days have brought down the temperatures now.

From today 4th May onwards agni nakshatram starts and it would end on 29th May. This time , the temperature would not be severe during Agni Nakshatram as the low pressure area would strengthen into a storm.

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