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YesPanchi and CyberFIT join hands to provide secure data erasure services

Posted on: 25/Feb/2023 11:39:36 AM
YesPanchi to offer secure data erasure services using WipeOut, a patented electronic data shredder with built-in compliance

CyberFIT Solutions, a leading company specializing in data wiping products and solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with YesPanchi, a prominent name in the premier tech expert solutioning, cybersecurity consulting and business strategy partner for industries.

Wipeout , a patented solution by CyberFIT, is an electronic data shredder with built in compliance for data disposal solution. Wipeout offers a series of products such as Wipeout for systems, database wipeout, WipeOut as a series, Wipeout API and so on. CyberFIT focuses on secure data erasure to prevent data leakage risks arising from inadequate data disposal controls. Today, IS and privacy regulations require companies to implement safe data disposal methods to ensure confidential and personal data (PII, source code, internal documents etc) are protected during data disposal stages.

YesPanchi Tech services, a pioneer in Tech and security solutions will focus on ensuring secure data disposal practices are implemented in the region and customer data is protected, especially during the current times where cybercrimes are increasing exponentially.

As CyberFIT`s marketing partner, YesPanchi will work closely with the team to develop effective marketing strategies that will reach a wider audience. With their vast experience and knowledge of the industry, YesPanchi will help CyberFIT to build a strong brand identity and reputation in the market.

Mr. Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, founder of CyberFIT and wipeout technology has been assisting organizations mitigate data leakage risks and adhere to compliance with Wipeout data erasure products. CyberFIT offers wipeout in different business models to suit organizational requirements. Database Wipeout is unique product to securely erasure selective database records. Wipeout API allows integration of secure erasure functionality in custom apps while Wipeout as a service (WaaS) is a flexible data sanitization services model beneficial to data centers and IT partners.

"We are excited to partner with YesPanchi, a lead tech and cybersecurity solutioning provider that has a proven track record of delivering cybersecurity solutions" said CyberFIT`s CEO & co-founder , Mr. Santosh Kamane.

YesPanchi`s Managing Director M. Panchi shared the excitement, saying, "We are thrilled to be working with CyberFIT, a company that is dedicated to providing cutting-edge data wiping solutions. We are looking forward to bringing our expertise to the table and help CyberFIT reach its full potential."

Together, CyberFIT and YesPanchi are set to revolutionize the data wiping industry and make data security accessible to everyone. Stay tuned for more exciting u updates from this dynamic duo.

Santosh Kamane
CyberFIT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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