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Real reason for heavy traffic congestion at Vadapalani revealed now

Posted on: 21/Feb/2023 9:28:40 AM
The Arcot Road in Vadapalani is making news now for the wrong reasons!!

Here, the overflowing sewage is creating issues like potholes and heavy traffic congestion etc. It must be noted that the road users were forced to wait for nearly a hour during the peak hours causing traffic snarls etc. The ambulances are finding it difficult as they are unable to reach the hospitals on time due to the overflowing sewage issue. 

As per a resident of Virugambakkam, the sewage overflows from the man hole present on the road leading to water stagnation. He added that the metro rail works have only worsened the situation here.

Complaints have been raised with GCC and with Metro Water department but they put the blame on the other one.

Point is that the ongoing metro rail construction works have added the woes of the commuters and now the people are forced to take 2km extra from interior roads to reach the main road. Heavy vehicles like buses and water lorries find it tough on the Arcot Road in Vadapalani. 

It was mentioned by a motorist that unless there was a permanent solution to sewage overflow the sitation would never improve here.