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35% increase in the trains capacity - No more sufferings due to overcrowding for the Chennai suburban train commuters!!

Posted on: 04/Feb/2023 5:36:14 PM
With the introduction of 12 car rakes by the SR or Southern Railways, the issue of overcrowding in the suburban trains from Chennai to Arakkonam during the peak hours would become a thing of the past!!

Now in the evening peak hours,the suburban trains would become overcrowded from the Moore Market Complex railway station or Beach railway station etc in Chennai.  This is due to the fact that 9 car rakes are run on the route.

In the first quarter of the financial year, 12 car rakes would come into effect and this was explained by Mr. Ganesh,  divisional railway manager. He added that 12 12 car rakes have been approved by the RB for the next financial year. This would increase the train`s capacity by 35%.

It is now said that this move would be a boon for many commuters who are otherwise forced to use express trains as suburban trains were not reliable. The Chennai- Arakkonam route witnesses three to four lakh passengers every day.

It was explained by Mr.T. Sadagopan activist and frequent suburban train user that the augmentation of the rakes should have been carried out earlier.He concluded that the railways dept must ensure that the rakes have toilets etc.

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